Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Reaction to match day 2 (part 2)

Well, tonight was far more interesting than yesterday's mediocre round of group matches in the Champions League. I watched the City - Dortmund game and yesterday had predicted a draw. So I guess I can pat myself, and Joe Hart, on the back for that one. There's no way that game would have finished 1-1 if it hadn't been for Joe Hart playing like some kind of 10 feet tall and 10 feet wide keeper tonight. He was insanely good. The result was totally undeserved on City's part though. Dortmund dominated them from about half way through the 1st half to right until the last minutes of the second. Right up until the referee played City's get of jail card free card and gave them an absurd penalty. Yeah, it hit the Dortmund player's hand. But Aguero was standing about 3 or 4 feet away from him and turned quickly to shoot in his direction. No chance of getting his hand out the way. The clearest 'ball to hand' hand ball you'll ever see. I do enjoy seeing Super Mario take a penalty though. The dude is a bit of an arrogant bad ass in those situations. I loved the keeper trying to psyche him out of it before he took it as well. Not the wisest move really.

Dortmund only have themselves to blame though. The worst offender was Robert Lewandowski with his horrible miss 6 yards out with Hart completely beaten. I had a feeling the more chances Dortmund fluffed though City would eventually equalize. Pretty annoying after they'd been completely dominated but I guess Hart deserved something out of the game. Even if the rest of his team didn't.

Looks like from my predictions last night I've gone 4-4 again. So I'm at 8-8 for the tournament so far. Pretty mid-table fare right there. This is why I don't spend my time on betting sites.

The next major event on my football calendar is Barcelona - Real Madrid on Sunday. I can't wait. I'll do a preview of it and list 10000 reasons why David Villa has to start over Alexis Sanchez later this week.

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