Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Garbage Time

Pre-season games in any sport are just glorified practice sessions. Horrible to watch, but sometimes you might catch a glimpse of something that interests you. So far this pre-season, I've watched bits of the Celtics pre-season games and got pretty bored by half time. But a few things have stuck out that I like, and one thing in particular that doesn't look too great.

I Like...

1. Rajon Rondo - From the limited minutes I've watched of the pre-season so far, Rondo looks like he's continuing from where he left off at the end of the playoffs. Not that he's dropping 44 points and averaging a triple double or anything, but his confidence in his jumper and free throws seems to be at the same level it was towards the tail end of last year's post-season. A confident shooting Rondo is a major problem for the rest of the league. As far as I'm concerned, a Rondo that has a consistent jump shot can be classed in the top 5 best players in the league and certainly as the best Point Guard in the league. I think as it stands he already is the best point guard but people who know more than me rate Chris Paul higher on the basis of his consistent shooting. And I guess Deron Williams gets a mention too although I'm not much of an admirer of his play compared with Rondo. I'm predicting Rondo to be in the MVP discussions this season so long as his shooting keeps being on point. If Rondo can become a primary scorer as well as the league leader in assists, there won't be any stopping him.

2. Jared Sullinger - He's like a rebounding machine. Like a tank in the post. Grabbing anything that comes within 10 square feet of his giant hands. Yeah. He seems like the steal of the draft. For now.. I've read all the arguments on some Celtics blogs about starting Sully in the regular season but I don't see it happening for now. Bass and KG worked too well together in the 2nd half last season to abandon it already. Sure, if Sully kills it from the get go, we could talk. But not yet. 

3. Jeff Green - I've enjoyed seeing Green play again. And I LOVE that, even though it's just pre-season, he went pretty hard against the Knicks on Saturday...

Yeah. Awesome. Take that New York. 

I don't like...

1. The lack of any kind of back up Point Guard - The Celtics have a pretty stellar 4 man guard rotation. Infact, I'd say they have the best 4 guard rotation at their disposal than any other team at the moment. The only problem is, Avery Bradley is out for the start of the season, and really, even if he was fit, neither he, Lee and JET are good options as a back up ball handler. Terry would be the best option of the 3, or at least he seems so when I'm trying to solve this dilemma in NBA 2K13. But having him as the primary ball handler takes away from his main which is to score the ball and be open for the ball handler to set up. 

As Doc said in the Boston Globe, Terry's main job is scoring and having him handle the ball a lot takes away a big weapon for Boston when Rondo is off the floor. With Dionte Christmas and Jamar Smith getting cut last night, I reckon the team are going to look at getting in a veteran PG to fill in some garbage time and give Rondo a rest. From the list of remaining free agents on Hoops World, there aren't really many names to get too excited about. Leandro Barbosa is certainly the best guard remaining, but his salary is a no go for Boston. I think from that list, T.J Ford could be the best option. Really, anyone who isn't Mike Bibby, Baron Davis or Gilbert Arenas would be better than nothing. Even Derek Fisher. Maybe.

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